Google gears up to launch the Daydream, hires Youtube star iJustine

As the launch of the Daydream programme nears, Google is hiring Youtube stars like “Dolan twins”, Ethan and Grayson Dolan and Justine Ezarik, better known as “iJustine” for the promotion of the service. Google is currently spending a lot of wealth in virtual-reality films and programmes as a part of the plan to prepare exclusive content for the Daydream service. Google is also to help with the help of promotion of projects from Hulu. The company is depending on apps and games to promote Daydream, a software service which Google hopes to be the dominant way of getting people to engage in virtual reality.
Google’s idea is to keep people connected by encouraging technology growth and ensuring that Google plays an important role in helping people look for things they want to watch. With this service in the market, Google would be venturing into a very crowded place with products from Facebook, Sony, Samsung among other companies. Google is focussing on mobile-based virtual reality, where users can tap their phones into a headset or a visor and get presented with an array of apps and games.

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