President Obama Makes Virtual-Reality Debut in Tour of Yosemite Valley, by Alexander Mallin and John Parkinson

Virtual reality is getting the presidential treatment.

In honor of the centennial celebration of the National Park Service, President Obama is set to make his virtual-reality debut in a video filmed on his family’s visit to Yosemite Valley in June.

In a partnership between National Geographic and the virtual-reality company Oculus, viewers get an up-close 3-D, 360-degree experience to bask in some of the country’s most scenic views with its most powerful occupant. The piece was directed and produced by Felix & Paul Studios, which was the creative lead behind the experience and used its own technology to shoot and edit the piece.

The video, available to download for Oculus users, is also up for viewing in 2-D format on National Geographic’s Facebook page. Watch here on your mobile device or on Chrome.

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