The World’s First Simultaneous Film/VR Release Is Happening Today by, Joe Durbin

The Fast And The Furious series is currently working on its eighth movie. In all this time, many, many characters have appeared in the Fast franchise, but at its core the series rests on one man’s massive shoulders. I’m talking about a man whose action movie talents are unparalleled, whose gravelly voice could soothe a savage giant, and whose star shines just a bit brighter than that of his co-stars. No, not that weirdo who’ obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, I’m talking about Johnny Strong.

Strong, the true hero of the Fast and The Furious universe, also notably appeared in Black Hawk Down. His status as a living Hollywood legend will be fully cemented when his new film, Daylight’s End, opens in select theaters today, August 26th. Daylight’s End is notable for being the first film in history to launch simultaneously alongside a virtual experience taking place within the same film universe.

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