Virtual reality is coming to the popular Cinequest film festival… by Jody Meacham

It almost seems like a mistake that Cinequest, San Jose’s homegrown film festival, should be adding a virtual reality category after Utah’s Sundance or New York’s Tribeca festivals.

But VR is coming, both in reality and in the new name of the 27th annual event from Feb. 28 to March 12, 2017, which now will be known as the Cinequest Film & VR Festival.

“At Cinequest, we wanted to wait one year,” co-founder and CEO Halfdan Hussey said Thursday. “It’s important that we’re a leader — if not the leader — in this space in terms of the film festivals. This is our space, technology. Silicon Valley and China are the two epicenters; LA and New York and are players.”

Within 24 hours of announcing the VR addition on Wednesday, Hussey said between 10 and 15 submissions had already been received.

The addition of Cinequest VR, which the organizers refer to as CQVR, means VR exhibitions, training and workshops on how to make VR, and a CQVR lounge where attendees can meet with creators and innovators.

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