KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Gets an Aerial Pack and Drone Mount, by Emma Boyle

Capturing high quality 360-degree videos has become massively popular with professional companies and content creators creating immersive real-world experiences. Largely, though, the content we see is mostly restricted to the ground, unless the camera has been attached to a person falling from a great height. Now, however, we could begin to see 360-degree content reach all new heights with the announcement from KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices that its SP360 4K camera would be getting an all new accessory pack that will feature a made for SOLO dual camera drone mount.

KODAK said there has been an increasing demand from 3DR SOLO drone pilots for an accessory that will allow them to capture full 360-degree video in an effortless workflow. In response to these demands, then, KODAK is releasing the SP360 4K Aerial Pack. Answering the increasing demand from 3DR SOLO drone pilots who want to capture full spherical 360° VR video in an effortless workflow, the all new SP360 4K AERIAL Pack which they say will give business and dedicated 360-degree content creators the ability to create full spherical 360-degree videos from entirely new heights with a a greater degree of control.

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