Virtual Reality Is About To Revolutionize These Three Industries, by R.L. Adams

The dawn of a new era is upon us — one of full immersion into the digital world. It’s an era that will be founded upon the technological revolution that’s been silently brewing for more than a decade. Our once-dreamed-up reality of wedding the digital world with the physical world is no longer the stuff of fabled fairytales; it’s happening, right here, right now.

Charging forward towards a world laced with virtual reality and augmented reality, there’s little in the way that can stop the technological machine. But what most people don’t realize is that we’re on the cusp of a new age where surfing the web will no longer involve the click of a mouse, or even the pressing of keys.

No, the world of the future is filled with tactile interactions with objects in the digital world much like we’ve experienced in the real world. And not just visual and audio-based interactions. This is that Matrix-esque future where you’ll be able to see, feel, hear, smell, taste and manipulate the digital world.

But before we get there, the next digital frontier in the future is now upon us. As virtual reality moves into the mainstream, not only will our interaction with the digital realm improve, but it will become far more immersive. This includes walking through digital worlds on a Playstation VR set and actually hearing a dragon swoop down in an attempt to kill you.

It also includes virtually touring through homes and apartments that we’re looking to buy or rent from halfway around the world, just as if we were right there. We can strut out onto the patio and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing ashore at a beachfront mansion or watch a sunset unfolding from a glitzy penthouse in the sky all without every leaving our homes.

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