Panasonic Unveils Pro-Level Prototype 360° 4K VR Camera, by Beth Marchant

While Panasonic rolled out a number of 4K cameras and upgrades at IBC, including a new VariCam camera head with integrated Codex recording, the company also peeled back the curtain on what could well be the future of 4K cinematography for virtual reality productions at live stadium events like concerts and sports.

Describing the protoype as a “360° 4K degree real time camera, designed for virtual reality viewing,” Panasonic has created a uniquely robust and professional-level VR camera system with built-in stitching and sync. When mounted to its base, images from the four cameras in the 360-degree cap are synchronized through cabling, creating a single 4K “equi-rectangular” image. Panasonic has said that this instantly available single 4K image is ideal for projecting in the moment to stadium screens and pushing out on the fly to social media outlets like Facebook 360 and YouTube.

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