Kodak PixPro 4KVR360 – A Closer Look at Kodak’s 360° Action Camera, By Adam Plowden

This is not the first 360° action camera we’re seeing this year. At Photokina 2016 that kicked off today, Nikon introduced another new action camera alongside their Nikon KeyMission 360 and there are more manufacturers taking on the VR 360 action camera market.

The Kodak PixPro 4KVR360 has two different wide field of view cameras in one body; 235 degrees and 155 degrees, both with a 20MP CMOS sensors that record 4K video and still photos. Combining the images of both cameras with stitching, for 360 degree, full spherical images that can be used for virtual reality.

In virtual reality mode, video can be captured in 3840 x 1920 at 24p, and still images at 27MP, both in 2:1 ratio. Using either the front camera or a combination of both cameras gives a variety of formats for video and stills, including round images and video in 1:1 aspect ratio.

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