Z CAM S1 – Professional VR Camera Designed for VR Content Creators and Professional Users

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ImagineVision Technology launched its professional VR camera Z CAM S1 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo today, with the device rapidly arousing strong interest among VR content creators and professional users.

The high performance, modestly-priced, feature-heavy Z CAM S1 makes a professional VR camera more affordable for consumers, significantly lowering the threshold for the production of VR content and broadening access to VR applications worldwide.

“Z CAM S1 is the best VR Camera we have ever used, in terms of image quality, usability and price performance,” said Tong Xiao Liang of Whaley VR, a leader in China’s VR industry.

Capable to output spherical resolution of either 4K 60fps or 6K 30fps after stitching, Z CAM S1 is better than any sport camera rig solutions. According to Kinson Loo, CEO of ImagineVision Technology, “when we talk about VR, the first thing we need is a good VR camera. We talked to VR studios and content creators and all of them are looking for a better VR camera. So we decided to make a better one,” he said.

One set Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software (MSRP $1499), provides real time stitching for live streaming, automatic offline stitching optical flow based. The beta version will be available in December 2016 ahead of an official release in February 2017. The device is compatible with Z CAM S1 only.


Emphasizing its excellent image quality and usability, Z CAM S1 is targeting VR content creators and professional users who want to have a more user friendly solution. “Our team is very experienced in camera products and we successfully launched the Z CAM E1 last year,” said Jason Zhang, Founder & Chairman of ImagineVision Technology. “Now I am very proud to present the Z CAM S1, which I think is the best of its kind. Seeing is believing.”

Based on the Z Cam E1 camera system, S1 is built with a fully integrated four image sensor system. All four sensors are precisely synchronized to ensure simultaneous recording. Each lens is closely mounted with each other, resulting in shorter safety distance between the camera and the object.

ImagineVision have chosen a superb high resolution 190º fisheye lens, which provides excellent image quality and outperforms those sport camera rig solutions.

In addition to the four individual HDMI ports, there is a Gigabit Ethernet port, which allows not only easy and fast image file transfer but also live view possibility through external solutions. And since ImagineVision provides full set open API, expert users would find this extremely useful because they can remotely control S1 through the Ethernet port.

ImagineVision thinks professional VR cameras should be more sophisticated than traditional cameras. They have developed a special algorithm to coordinate Auto White Balance and Auto Exposure of all four sensors, resulting in more harmonized images.

“Z CAM S1 is the most stable and convenient VR camera we have ever used,” said Sun Wen Bo, CEO of Letin VR Digital Technology, a leading VR studio in China. ” Its highly integrated and versatile design has greatly optimized our production work flow.”

Z CAM S1 is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo for a limited time offer of USD1,999.00. Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software (MSRP $1,499.00), offered at 50% discount and in limited quantities, provides real time stitching for live streaming, automatic offline stitching optical flow based.