$500 Allie camera lets you take 360-degree selfies, By Dean Takahashi

Selfies have become a part of our everyday existence, but they only give you part of the picture. That’s where the Allie Go comes in. This new 360-degree camera lets you to take “all-ies,” or images that give you a complete view of everything in a scene.

Miami-based Allie Camera, a division of IC Real Time, is unveiling its Allie Go camera (spelled ALLie by the company) so users can see it all. To use the device, you attach a lightweight battery base to the camera and then enable it to take 360 videos and livestream to YouTube.

Allie Go has two hours of recording time, and it comes with a tripod mount for hands-free recording and livestreaming. It can capture 4K video, and it has a removable battery pack. The Allie Go costs $500, and the battery pack sells for $60.

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