Google’s Daydream View is the VR headset for the masses, By Chris Velazco

This might be the first virtual reality device that ever oozed style.

It’s pretty clear by now that virtual reality — like it or not — is probably here to stay. The tricky part is getting people to start using these requisite VR headsets on the regular, and Google’s approach is equal parts simple and elegant. With a new Pixel phone (or another Daydream-compatible device) and the $80 Daydream View headset, Google might have just cooked up the most comfortable, coolest-looking VR experience out there.

First things first: Damn this thing feels nice. It’s crafted from technical fabrics (you know, the sort of stuff that winds up in workout clothes) and has eye cups wide enough to fit even my enormous hipster glasses. Those materials also make the Daydream View crazy-light, to the point where I think I could veg out for hours without issue. It looks surprisingly cool too, with color choices that evoke runways more than production lines. That’s something I could never say about the more cumbersome Gear VRs of the world.

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