The best sub-$360 VR cameras for 360-degrees on a budget, By Chris Davies


Shooting 360-degree or VR video used to require a huge budget and months of post-processing, but these days you can get near-studio quality from off-the-shelf cameras. The number of consumer virtual reality headsets is steadily rising, and VR in general is getting more affordable, most recently with Sony’s PlayStation VR. Now’s the time to pick up a sub-$360 VR camera, and we can help you choose.

There’s no shortage of cameras promising 360-degree photos or videos. All the same, finding one that fits your everyday needs without sacrificing on resolution or setting your wallet alight can be tough. Luckily, it’s not impossible.

Our self-imposed $360 ceiling means our budget won’t stretch to pro-level rigs like GoPro’s Omni, Facebook’s Surround 360, or Nokia’s OZO. We’re also going to ignore DIY or 3D printed rigs, which usually require more effort in construction and at least two cameras. After all, you want to spend more time shooting, not building.

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