Quill lets you create 3D illustrations in virtual reality, By Dean Takahashi

Above: Quill Image Credit: Oculus
Above: Quill Image Credit: Oculus

At the recent Oculus Connect event, some virtual reality applications didn’t fit into any category. Quill was one of those, part interactive comic book, part VR film, and part VR creation tool.

It’s not really a game, but it has an interesting story that begins with a 360-degree short film, Dear Angelica, which was unveiled in unfinished form at the Sundance Film Festival.

The art style in Dear Angelica is like a painting, because that’s what a memory seems like, said filmmaker Saschka Unseld, creative director of the Oculus Story Studio, in an interview with VentureBeat. Quill takes you inside the world of the painting, allowing you to see it from different angles and fill out the details with vivid colors with the swipe of your hand. You can also create your own original drawings. It reminded me of other VR art tools, such as Google’s TiltBrush and the sculpting Medium tool from Oculus.

Quill started as an in-house VR painting tool to enable the illustrative storytelling in Dear Angelica. Since completing Dear Angelica, the Story Studio team is working on polishing Quill so it can be shared with the world and allow anyone to tell their own stories using the tool.

“We were determined that the tool had to be comfortable to use for hours so you could tell more complex stories and art,” said Edward Saatchi, producer at Oculus Story Studios, in an interview.


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