“Eagle Flight” is a thrilling VR game that lets you feel what is’s like to fly, By Adam Rosenberg


Eagle Flight is the first virtual reality game to leave me breathless.

Ubisoft’s debut VR game puts you behind the eyes of a soaring eagle in a tattered post-apocalyptic Paris. Nature has reclaimed the city, giving you the freedom to explore, defend your territory from other winged threats and fly through carefully arranged sets of hoops.

There are also feathers and fish to collect, because that’s how Ubisoft open world games roll.

If the fiction doesn’t quite make sense, that’s OK. The only thing that really matters is the flying. Eagle Flight nails the sensation of careening through the sky in a way that no other VR experience has yet managed.

It starts with your perspective, which positions your eyes between a feathered brow at the top of your view and an elongated beak at the bottom.

These are more than visual flourishes, which are a constant unconscious reminder of your eagle-ness. They anchor you to your virtual body, using nothing more high-tech than psychology to ward off motion sickness.

It’s astonishingly effective.


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