The D3-U is a VR camera you hold IRL, by Devin Coldewey

As VR and AR mature, they’ll borrow more of each other’s expertise; from the one, more immersive environments; from the other, intelligent means of walking the line between virtual and real. One example of such a crossover is the D3-U, a physical camera made for taking pictures in VR.

It was created by design agency dotdotdash in collaboration with Vive, but don’t expect a retail release any time soon. This is more of a proof of concept and demonstration of the recently announced Vive Tracker than an actual product.

The issue, as much as there can be said to be one, is that there isn’t a very natural way to capture images in VR. You can hit print screen on the computer running the simulation, of course, but do you really want to slightly tilt your head, keeping an eye on the edges of your field of view, in order to get the framing right?

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