Free Gear VR With Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Add Millions Of New VR Owners, by Ian Hamllton

Earlier this year Samsung revealed it is leading the pack with more than 5 million Gear VRs sold, crushing the nearly 1 million Sony PS VR headsets sold to date.

Many of those headsets likely made it into people’s hands because of promotions offering the Gear VR free with the Samsung Galaxy S7 last year. This is your friendly reminder that Samsung has renewed the promotion, offering both the new Gear VR and its controller free with the purchase of the new Galaxy S8. That’s a $130 VR headset and controller for free with the purchase of a new phone.

What’s more, Samsung today indicated pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are outpacing the numbers for the S7 — suggesting this promotion is likely to have an enormous effect on the install base for the budding VR industry.

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