Animatronic dinosaurs and 24K giant screens – welcome to the future of cinema

The Marvel Experience was cancelled, but Prana is building on the experience and looking to the future

News from Cannes: VFX and 3D animation facility Prana Studios plans to reinvent the theatrical experience with massive screens encompassing entire theatres, animatronic dinosaurs, and actors performing live on stage.

Speaking in Cannes at a session sponsored by Hewlett-Packard forecasting the future of film up to thirty years from now, Anish Mulani, President and COO of Mumbai-based Prana revealed plans to develop two massive format immersive theatre projects.

One of these projects, branded Theater Next, is likely to see its first install within the next two years, according to Mulani.

“The whole canvas of the theatre will be used to tell a story,” he explained. “The moment you walk into Theater Next, every wall will be covered with giant projection. There will be moving seating and sensory effects like wind and heat. Life-size animatronic creatures and characters relevant to the story such as pirates, aliens and dinosaurs will be with there with you.”

The giant size of the auditoria, with panoramic screens in excess of 40 meters, and display resolutions up to 24K – or 12 times that of 2K conventional exhibition – are also intended to attract audiences.

“Cinema exhibition is moving toward ultra-scale large format experiential experiences while conventional movie releases will be streamed for projection on walls within people’s houses,” Mulani predicted.

Prana Studios is also developing dome-style theatres featuring 180-degree field of view and reclining seats.

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