Meet SONICAM: The World’s First Affordable 3D Virtual Reality Camera, by Kathleen Villaluz

The world around us is vibrant and exciting simply because it’s dynamic and three-dimensional. Sometimes, capturing 2D images and videos with your smartphone or DSLR camera just doesn’t do the scene any justice. But that’s all about to change as this virtual reality camera called SONICAMenables users to capture both 2D and 3D videos and images in full 360 degrees. It’s the world’s first affordable, high-quality VR camera.

Capture vivid moments

SONICAM is a professional, spherical VR camera with 9 fish-eye cameras, 64 microphones, 4K HD resolution, and 360 degrees field of view. The combination of these features in one single device means that users can film any scenes vividly without any blind spots or image distortion.

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