Kandao Obsidian VR camera launches early adopter program, by Alex Hernandez

You can probably file the Kandao Obsidian VR camera under the “out of my price range” folder considering its $9,999USD price tag.

You can probably already guess that the Kandao Obsidian isn’t intended for the consumer market but it is still an interesting piece of camera technology. Both the Kandao Obsidian R and Obsidian S are comprised of 6 fish-eye synced lenses that can capture high-quality stereoscopic and spherical videos/photos and time-lapses, supporting three recording modes (flat, standard, and log), and DNG format for photos.

The Obsidian R features 8K (7,680 x 7,680) high-resolution recording at 30 fps, the Obsidian S is optimized for high frame rate shooting, producing up to 120 fps footage in 4K resolution, as well as 6K x 6K resolution at 30 or 50 fps, which is ideal for the high-end professionals who need high speed VR content, like motion or sports. Both cameras are Wi-Fi enabled through one Ethernet cable for fast connectivity to mobile devices or laptops, making remote control a much easier for professional directors.

The Kandao Obsidian cameras also offer up a software solution that can do post-processing, editing, stitching, video encoding, and live streaming. The stitching process of Kandao Studio is built on optical flow code and optimized by a deep learning algorithm to generate seamless and natural stereoscopic 360 panoramas automatically, capturing depth information from images as well.

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