Over $2.1 Million Raised For New Virtual Reality And Esports Cryptocurrency, By Darren Heitner

Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming commonly used words as Initial Coin Offerings are sprouting up. (Photo: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage in 2017. Names like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become a part of common dialogue as people seem to be interested in learning more about cryptocurrency markets and exploiting them in any way possible for financial gain. The markets are rather volatile, with the more popular Bitcoin falling in price by roughly 20% in a mere seven day span, but that has not dissuaded anyone from wanting to at least consider being part of the cryptocurrency action.

An industry that may be perfectly positioned for the exchange of such cryptocurrencies is gaming, where individuals are constantly competing to best the competition, often with some form of prize to be awarded for excelling. With the rise of esports, cryptocurrencies could be a clear match, and there are companies looking into the potential of same.

Take for instance NEVERDIE, a company that has been in the virtual reality space for many years that is now trying to create a cryptocurrency coin/token that can be used for transactions in the virtual reality world as well as for esports prizes. NEVERDIE is currently running what is referred to as an ICO — Initial Coin Offering — which is to raise funds, without regulation, for a cryptocurrency venture. NEVERDIE’s ICO ends August 1 with coins available on the Ethereum Blockchain. Thus far, over $2.1 million has been raised, including $50,000 from a single investor.

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