How 360° video projection is created and why it’s worth your time, by Miriam Harris

You’re probably familiar with 360° video by now. Forward-thinking brands are experimenting with 360° video content on Facebook all the time, but imagine being right in the middle of a room-sized 360 video. 

Stepping inside the 360° walls of Igloo Vision at London’s VRLO to be surrounded by peaceful scenes of the beach at sunset, underwater, and our solar system, I was quickly hooked with the idea of immersive 360° video panoramic projection.

Igloo Vision creates immersive 360° projection environments aka giant domes or cylinders (accommodating up to 1,000 people), and Blend Media are the masters of 360° video content, which is projected onto the walls of the dome/cylinder, creating a whole room experience that lets you escape reality for a moment. Visualise is a virtual reality (VR) production studio, but it also specialises in 360°video content creation. It offers 360° video, VR apps, 360 post production and 360° live streaming.

But what exactly is a whole room experience and how can 360° video benefit us beyond brand engagement? We take a look at what Blend Media and Igloo Vision offer to the world of immersive technology.

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