OSSIC X Fiasco Update

I have noticed that the press reports covering the OSSIC situation have been all over the map in regards to how much money was raised in support of the OSSIC X Headphones. So I went to the source to verify crowdfunded amounts. Here we go;

Kickstarter                           $2,708,472.

Indiegogo                             $3,224,442.

Angel investors                $6,000,000.  or more

Total                                       $11,932,914. or more

In addition it has been reported that OSSIC was able to raise significant additional funds from “Angel investors” and that the crowdfunding represented less than 50% of the total invested.

Amazing numbers to be sure. Especially if you look back to the inception of the first Kickstarter campaign. The goal was $100,000. I bet those Angel investors are really mad!

Now, if they were not able to manufacture the product with nearly $12 million dollars, how were the planning to do it with $100,000?

It seems quite apparent that this was a scam from day one.

It is painfully obvious that these guys could not manufacture their way out of a paper bag, with all the money in the world…