Daydream and Tribeca Film Institute Immersive Films Program | VR Lab


Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive Programs partners with Google’s Daydream team to bring you the Immersive Films Program: a program to support creators who want to further explore the medium of virtual reality. We are co-hosting a VR Lab and inviting teams to submit projects/ideas under the theme ‘5 Elements of Nature.’ From ancient civilizations and outer space, to our bodies and daily consumption, we want you to activate your senses and use the 5 marvelous elements of nature (EARTH, WATER, WIND, FIRE, SPACE) to explore futurism, politics, reality, fiction, or any topic you are passionate about. We want to be surprised, and we want to see new ways VR technology can be leveraged to expand our understanding of the world.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for pieces that excavate the different facets of nature through journeys into various cultures, mythologies, fables, and wonders. We are especially excited about pieces that push the boundaries of the medium, and create stories that fit the spatial possibilities of VR. We are looking for change, for new and different perspectives on the world. We are looking for movement, for elevation, for out of this world feelings.

Who should apply?

We are looking for strong teams made up of various talents, and creators whose voices are underrepresented in the media and the VR space — both emerging and seasoned. Applications will be selected based on the strength of the team, the originality of the idea, and the feasibility of the project given the budget and time period.

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