Magic Leap’s long-awaited headset will ship this summer — and everything else we learned, by Sean Hollister

On Wednesday, after nearly four years of secrets and speculation, the $2.3 billion Magic Leap revealed that its first mixed-reality headset will hit the market this summer, exclusively on AT&T.

The news came during the company’s third livestream on Twitch — you can watch a replay here — and it included one of the company’s first demos of the technology.

Frankly… I found it a little disappointing. This time the company said it’d have a real demo in tow: “We’ll dive into some Magic Leap One specs and share a demo of an upcoming developer sample,” the company tweeted ahead of the event — but what we got was a prerecorded demo that didn’t look much better than what we’ve seen from the likes of Microsoft’s HoloLens, and nothing close to the concept videos Magic Leap teased years ago.

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