StarVR reveals its next-gen virtual reality headset with eye-tracking, by Jeff Grub

The new StarVR head-mounted display debuted at the SIGGRAPH 2018 technology event in Vancouver today. The StarVR One, as it is called, adds a suite of new features and improves on some of the standout specs of the original device — although the company did not share details on the price.

StarVR’s headsets have floated around trade shows for years. I tried one way back at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in 2015. Since then, Acer has acquired a majority of the company that was game developer Starbreeze founded. And the StarVR headsets have popped up in location-based VR attractions that companies like IMAX run. With the StarVR One, the company continues to target enterprise and professional VR installations.

And the reason that an IMAX or other VR-curious entities are interested in StarVR over the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is because the One comes packed with a lot of technology. It has expanded on the massive viewing angles of the original to cover 210 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically. The company claims this covers almost the entire human field of view, which should eliminate the diving mask-like effect you get from Vive Pro and Rift.

The StarVR One also integrates Tobii’s accurate eye-tracking technology. This can tell where on a screen you are looking, which enables dynamic foveated rendering. This saves processing power by rendering where your eyes are looking in perfect clarity while holding back resources from other parts of the scene.

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