360Rize™ Announces the 360Penguin: World’s First Family-Friendly 360° VR video and photo panoramic camera that can be enjoyed by all ages



360Rize™ introduces the 360Penguin, officially launched on Kickstarter, an amazingly lightweight camera that shoots 6K, 4K, 360° VR video and 24-megapixel 360 photos designed for all ages.  Through its mobile app, users can easily share and live stream directly to Facebook and YouTube via cellular Wi-Fi or directly through a local network, without being tethered.  Attach its add-on accessories, the 360Penguin can live stream endlessly and connect to a whole array of action camera accessories.

On National Penguin Day, the 360Rize™ celebrated its release at the Detroit Zoo’s Polk Penguin Conservation Center, the largest penguinarium in the United States.  360Rize™ hit the road in the 360Penguin Tour Bus, displayed in the Kickstarter campaign, streaming live as the team traveled for the event, using the 360Penguin camera.  360Rize™ will be donating a percentage of the 360Penguin sales to the penguin center throughout the next coming year.

360Rize™ can now help thousands solve the everyday occurrence when taking a family photo and trying to squeeze everyone in the picture.  No more asking a stranger to take the picture for you, only to discover afterward, you’re still cut you out of the picture.

The 360Penguin helps solve these fundamental issues. Just hold it out, put it in front of you, everyone gathers around, then snap a fully spherical 360 shot that captures everything that’s “All Around You™”.

Unlike other 360 cameras, the 360Penguin’s interface works just like any traditional camera but you don’t have to worry about pointing and focusing the camera on your subject. Pushing the one button on the front of the camera serves multiple purposes. It turns the camera on/off, start/stop 360 video or takes a 360 photo with up to 90 minutes of battery usage with no mobile devices connected.

With the 360Penguin’s app, users can remotely control, socially share, view in real-time, and easily transform 360 VR content into a variety of different image angles and views, such as Little Planet, Mirror Ball, Ultra-Wide Angle, or traditional 2D photos.

“Our Kickstarter campaign, just went live and the content presents a very compelling story.  I believe the team found the right solution to allow everyone to get into 360° VR video and photos,” said Michael Kintner, CEO/Founder of 360Rize.  “Yes, it’s high tech bundled into a cute, simple to use and cost-effective product with an MSRP of $298.88.”

To help fund their endeavor, go to the Kickstarter campaign.  For more information, visit www.360Rize.com.

About 360Rize™: a global leader in 360° photography and videography technology. 360Rize specializes in AR and patented high-resolution 360° VR video multi-camera rigs.  Equipment for all levels of users, from novice to professional cinematographers. Since 2012, 360Rize™ has worked with content creators in more than 106 countries, including clients like NASA, the US Navy, and production companies around the world.

360Penguin Product Images and Media Outlet: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/byvc3rxi9yf9qdp/AAAT2q1Vuwmrf8SuNycIp18Oa?dl=0

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