HTC Teases New Vive Gear to be Revealed at CES Next Week, by Ben Lang

Last year HTC teased the VR world ahead of CES 2018 about what would become the announcement of the Vive Pro. Now the company is at it again, promising “new gear” that will be revealed at CES 2019 next week.

We’re a little less than a week from the start of CES 2019, the massive annual consumer tech show in Vegas. Road to VR will be boots on the ground once again to bring you the most important developments, including whatever HTC has up their sleeve.

Last year it was the reveal of the Vive Pro, the pricey but otherwise well refined headset that launched later in the year. This year something else is cooking, and HTC took to Twitter to tease us ahead of a reveal next week:

Image courtesy HTC

“The truck is loaded and we’re excited be on our way to #CES2019. The cases are packed with some new gear we can’t wait to unbox for you,” the tweet reads.

Notably, the three big crates shown in the photo represent Vive, Viveport, and a third one which is Vive something, with the second word intentionally blurred out.

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