Meet Ollie, The New VR Animation Tool That’s Aimed At Beginners, by Ian Failes

The ‘animation in vr’ space – currently dominated by tools such as Quill and Tvori – looks set to be joined by a new player: Ollie VR.

Aimed specifically at beginners, Ollie VR hails from a group of USC School of Cinematic Arts students, who have also made a short film using their tool.

Cartoon Brew recently visited USC to try out Ollie VR, which is shortly launching in beta form, and spoke with lead and product designer Sagar Ramesh about how the tool was made and what it can do.

There are pre-animated guides in Ollie VR that then let you alter various aspects of what you’ve animated, such as timing, squash and stretch, opacity, smear, and easing. Lighting can be adjusted, too, by manipulating a cg light in real-time with the controllers . Once you’ve finished animating and lighting, the animation itself can be ‘saved out’ with a virtual camera that lets you export photos, gifs, and videos.

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