GoPro finally starts shipping its Omni 360-degree, spherical, VR camera package

GoPro have finally started shipping their highly anticipated Omni 360° spherical VR camera package. 360° virtual reality content is becoming increasingly poplar, and GoPro’s Omni has been designed as an end-to-end content creation ecosystem that allows users to greatly accelerate the process of creating 360° content, from capturing to publishing. Fast turnaround has been one of the stumbling points of early 360° VR systems and GoPro are out to change that.

Omni uses a custom six-camera (HERO4 Black) rig with a synchronization mechanism that allows all six cameras to act as one. Another nice design feature is that changes made to your primary camera, are automatically also made to the others. Power on the main camera and all the other cameras switch on, adjust the shooting mode on the primary camera, and all cameras automatically align on the same mode. GoPro are claiming that the Omni is the most sophisticated six-camera rig available to professionals and aspirational consumers interested in shooting spherical content.

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