Virtual reality abounds at PAX as giant game event opens in Seattle, by Todd Bishop & Ted Levy

Virtual reality has officially arrived, if the convention floor at PAX West is any indication.

VR experiences are seemingly around every corner at the gaming extravaganza, which began today in Seattle. Game developers, chip makers and console giants show new VR titles and try to win the hearts of the tens of thousands of game fans flooding into the event.

Sony PlayStation, Intel and Nvidia are among the companies demonstrating their latest virtual reality technologies at on the main convention floor. A few blocks away, headset makers HTC and Oculus are catering to gamers at a special “VR Village” at the nearby Westin Hotel.

Before the hordes were allowed in, GeekWire got a chance to check out some of the many virtual reality exhibits. While didn’t hit them all, we got a good taste for what is out there.

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