Tiny all-seeing nakedEye VR camera, by David Fox

A ‘miniscule’ professional VR-camera offering high-quality, high-resolution, full 360 degree capture has been launched by Indiecam for the production of cinematic virtual reality content.

The tiny nakedEye camera measures 79mm in diameter, with an overall height of 91mm. It weighs just 380g, and is aimed at immersive PoV-style VR shots from moving vehicles, athletes or remote locations.

The two square, high-speed, large-format global shutter sensors have a resolution of 2Kx2K each and are fully synchronised, to cover the entire 360 degree sphere at a resolution of 4K, with full control over all camera settings.

The sensors are claimed to offer “superior dynamic range and excellent low-light performance”.

The system records CinemaDNG Raw files, and Indiecam provides a streamlined post production workflow for nakedEye, including sophisticated stitching algorithms.