Google’s VR Cardboard Camera app is coming to iOS, by Adi Robertson

The odds of you using Cardboard Camera, Google’s simple app for creating 360-degree VR images, just got significantly higher. The tool, which has so far only been available on Android, is now available on the iOS App Store. And both versions now include sharing features that realize the app’s raison d’etre: showing your friends and family the cool places you’ve visited. Where the old app made users share images through the generic Android photo gallery, the new one will support creating and sending links to either single images or collections.

On a smartphone, the link prompts recipients to open the files with Cardboard Camera, or download the app if it’s not installed. They’ll be saved in a special “shared with you” tab, and you can view them in VR using a Cardboard headset, complete with recorded ambient audio.

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