The Foundry Launches Five-Part VR Filmmaking Series, By Jennifer Wolfe

LONDON — Creative software developer The Foundry has released the first episode of a five part behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the dynamic intensity of 360° Virtual Reality filmmaking.

The first-of-its-kind series, entitled Filming with No Borders: 360° VR truth, tracks the opportunities and challenges faced by award-winning independent Italian production house Radical Plans as it filmed a 360° VR movie. Created using The Foundry’s latest VR toolset, CARA VR, the film, which charts the plight of refugees arriving in Italy, premiered to great acclaim at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

The first episode, focusing on Radical Plans’ motivation and preparation for its inaugural 360° video shoot, can be seen in the player below. The documentary provides a transparent window into the entire 360° VR filming process as The Foundry looks to inspire those in the VR space to meet the demand for ever-more immersive and inspiring content:

Filming with No Borders: 360° truth: Trailer from The Foundry on Vimeo.

Filming with No Borders: 360° VR truth explores areas including the stitching process for VR footage, narrative control in VR environments and post-production considerations. As the market for VR and 360° film rapidly expands, the documentary delves into a whole range of scenarios that are faced during the 360° VR production process, providing valuable insights to a broader audience trying to enter the market.

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