Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks augmented reality will be as important as ‘eating three meals a day’, by Kif Leswing

AP / Matthew Sumner for Getty Images
AP / Matthew Sumner for Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to talk about augmented reality like it’s the next major computing platform after the smartphone.

During a talk with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch over the weekend in Utah, Cook gave his most detailed answer yet about how Apple is approaching the technology, which uses computer glasses to superimpose computerized images on the world around the user, kind of like Google Glass does.

Cook thinks AR will “take a while” to reach mass adoption because of difficult technical challenges.

But it will get there. “It will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, kind of how we wonder how we live without our phone today,” Cook said.

His discussion of the topic, which visibly excited him, provides the skeleton of what to expect as the augmented reality industry develops.

Eventually, Cook thinks that AR could become so essential that it will be as much a part of a user’s day as “eating three meals a day.”

Here’s the video of the talk. Cook addresses virtual reality and AR starting at 18:40.

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