Blade Runner 2049 VR Experiences Exclusively Coming To Oculus, By Peter Sciretta

Earlier this morning, it was revealed that the Blader Runner 2 title would be Blade Runner 2049. And to follow up that news, Alcon Entertainment has announced that have formed a new division of the company titled Alcon Interactive and are partnering with Oculus to distribute virtual reality experiences based on Blade Runner 2049.

The Blade Runner 2049 VR Experiences will be exclusively distributed on the Oculus platform, giving them a leg up over the competing VR goggles. Alcon has announced that the VR Experiences will be distributed around the October 2017 release of the film. VR content to promote a movie release is nothing new, and it seems to be a growing trend. Most of the experiences are fun but disposable, but now that VR is making its way into our homes, more people will have access to the content outside of the traditional demo displays at movie theaters and malls.

I’m a little bit more skeptical than most. I hope the content improves and that the filmmakers become more involved in the experiences as we don’t need another avenue for cheap promotional content. I’m more excited about the things that ILMxLAB is producing around the Star Wars license, as it seems they are invested in getting big filmmakers and screenwriters involved to produce content that will stand on its own and not just serve as a promotional outlet for a tie-in product.

No word on what the Blade Runner 2049 VR experiences will entail, or if the films stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gossling will participate.

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