IMAX To Bring Virtual Reality To A Movie Theater In the United Kingdom, By Jonathan Vanian

Photograph by Benjamin Torode — Getty Images
Photograph by Benjamin Torode — Getty Images

Virtual reality center to open in Manchester, England by the end of the year.

Cinema company IMAX IMAX 2.08% said Tuesday that it is partnering with European cinema operators ODEON and UCI Cinemas Group to open a so-called IMAX VR center at the movie theater complex in Manchester, England. The new center will open by the end of the year, IMAX said.

Visitors would be able to strap on virtual reality headsets and play VR video games or watch short films of roughly five to 15 minutes each. Stockholm-based entertainment technology company Starbreeze and hardware manufacturer Acer will provide the VR headsets.

The VR center will also include pods where attendees can play and watch VR content while moving around.

“We are extremely pleased with the significant progress we’ve made on this initiative in this short period of time and believe this commitment from such a significant European exhibitor is a testament to the interest and potential of this offering,” IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond said in a statement.

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