PSVR devs discuss the challenges of designing for the platform, By Joel Couture

Virtual reality has finally arrived on Sony’s console, with the HMD formerly known as Project Morpheus hitting store shelves today. PSVR is releasing with no shortage of virtual reality experiences to try out, including games like Thumper, Battlezone, Wayward Sky, Allumette, Superhypercube, Harmonix’s Music VR, and many more.

Gamasutra reached out to the developers creating games for it (or porting games to it) to find out what it was like to develop for the PSVR. There were many interesting insights about the console VR experience, but the consensus reaction was that it was similar to other VR platforms in terms of development. So we opened it up and asked some more general questions about the challenges of VR design the dealt with on their PSVR launch titles.

Every aspect of creating games and digital spaces would need to be re-examined in the creation of PSVR games, from the way impacts are conveyed to the menus to the movements, and each developer had a little something to say about how daunting, and yet exciting, developing around these new concerns could be.

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