Five Ways Virtual Reality Will Change The World, By R.L. Adams


On the heels of the launch of Playstation’s hotly-anticipated virtual-reality headset, PS4 VR, along with Oculus and Facebook’s foray into the socially-connected virtual ether, we’re on the cusp of a revolution that will ultimately change the way we live, work and play. It will affect industries far and wide, ranging from healthcare and education, all the way to entertainment and commerce. Fully-immersive environments and surreal experiences are just some of the ways that virtual reality is going to change the world.

So far, our experience with the internet has been two-dimensional at best. Our tactile manipulation of hand-held screens has been the closest we’ve come to interacting with the internet. But all of that is about to change. Virtual reality is going to upend the world and cause a monumental shift in the way we surf, shop and experience the web, thanks to the pure power and imagination of human thought. It will dramatically transform the way we learn, live, communicate and connect with others around the world.

Clearly, virtual reality has been around for some time, but it’s the mainstream permeation and saturation of this technology that’s going to change the world on a number of different levels. Over time, it will transform every aspect of life. In fact, decades from now, we’ll look back and wonder how we ever lived without technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, which are set to dominate the technological landscape in the coming years.

However, even at the outset and birth of this new technological revolution, there are a number of ways that virtual reality will change the world. With mass adoption through platforms like Oculus, HTC Vive, Cardboard and Playstation’s VR, consumers and businesses alike have already begun flocking to virtual-and-augmented-reality platforms as they come online.

With projected revenues topping $120 billion by 2020 for both VR and AR platforms, these platforms are set to create a dramatic upheaval in every industry on earth, w. Clearly, our way of life, and the way we conduct ourselves, is about to change dramatically. And while there might be dozens of ways that virtual reality will change the world, here are 5 core ways that things are going to change.

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