Starbreeze Acquires Nozon for $7.7 Million to Bring ‘Pixar Level’ Visual Quality to VR Film, By Scott Hayden

Starbreeze has acquired visual effects (VFX) studio Nozon for €7.1M (~$7.7M), a Belgium-based company known for their pre-rendered PresenZ VR technology which promises to bring ‘Pixar levels’ of visual quality to real-time VR scenes with positional tracking.

PresenZ, introduced by Nozon in 2015, is a rendering technique especially created for VR that allows for what they call ‘interactive parallax’ in VR movies. Unlike real-time rendered experiences like Oculus Story Studio’s Henry, which is necessarily limited by the number of polygons your system can render at any given moment, projects created with PresenZ allow the user a high-level of detail for a comparatively lower hardware cost, and all while maintaining a measure of positional tracking.

According to our own Executive Editor Ben Lang, who got a hands-on with a demo last year, the results are pretty astounding, but has a few inherent limitations.

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