Filmmaker Ridley Scott is committing to VR in a big way, by Timothy J. Seppala

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Filmmaker Ridley Scott isn’t a stranger to using emerging tech to push his creative vision. I mean, for all of Prometheus‘ faults, Scott’s use of 3D wasn’t one of them. Back in 2015 Scott said he was working on a a mystery VR project, so today’s news that his RSA Films outfit is launching RSA VR as a company “dedicated” to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed media perhaps isn’t too surprising. However, it does signal that Scott has an eye to the future beyond whatever timelines the Alien and Blade Runneruniverses take place in. In fact, the first project for RSA VR is a previously-announced Alien: Covenant vignette.

“We have been heavily involved in VR for the past few years, and having a dedicated stand-alone division underscores our commitment to immersive media in both the brand and entertainment space,” RSA’s president Jules Day said in a statement. Seeing one of the biggest names in old-guard filmmaking putting his weight behind VR is probably a pretty good sign for the medium’s future.

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