Here Come The Holograms, by Charlie Fink

In virtual reality, the more realistic the digital world, the greater the demand for fidelity. The greater demand for fidelity, the greater the demand for bandwidth. Nothing is more demanding than cinematic realism. We expect photo real worlds to have absolutely perfect fidelity. This is why realism in VR always involves a sterile space station or a desert planet. It is going to be some time before we cavort with artifically intelligent characters in Westworld or The Matrix. 

This can be done easily today with – or without – an AR capable cell phone.

Augmented Reality will soon be more than cartoony Pokemon and Snapchat Filters (and Facebook’s coming Camera Effects Platform). It will soon feature realistic holograms of people, too. “VR has given birth to a process at the intersection of games and movies,” said James George, co-founder of DepthKit.

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