Oculus: “It’s no longer a burden to get into virtual reality”, by James Batchelor

With this morning’s announcement of Rift S, there will soon be no less than four Oculus headsets for consumers to choose from. 

Even without the original Rift, Go and upcoming Quest, there is still PlayStation VR, various models of Vive, Google’s Daydream and more from the likes of Lenovo on the way. It creates a fragmented market that’s daunting for newcomers to enter, and the rapid rate at which technology is advancing means there’s always a more advanced, more comfortable headset around the corner.

In such a market, is Rift S not adding to the noise and potentially deterring people from picking it up?

“This is something we definitely think about,” Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell tells GamesIndustry.biz. “We actually think we have a great setup with Rift S and Quest. Rift S is going to be replacing Rift entirely. We’re in the process of phasing out Rift, we’re going to replace it, and then you actually have a really simple, straightforward landscape for consumers.”