HP built a better version of the Oculus Rift, by Luca Matney

HP isn’t generally a brand most associate with being at the cutting edge of new technologies, but the company’s new HP Reverb is probably the best PC-powered consumer VR headset out there, when balancing price and feature set. It’s not only a big win for HP, but a big win for the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) platform, which arrived with a bit of a thud, but now has a headset truly worthy of seriously competing with HTC and Oculus .

This thing looks A LOT like the Oculus Rift. Between the velcro straps, the on-ear headphones and the overall design, HP really cloned the Rift here, but made some key improvements along the way. The headset is even lighter and more comfortable. The built-in WMR inside-out tracking makes setup a snap (though it still only uses two cameras, which is probably the biggest shortcoming of the headset).

The big difference with what HP has built is that the displays on this thing are amazing.

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