eyeForce VR Headset, 210° FOV



Different view, different world!

You put on the head-mounted display. A fantastic, new world? Maybe something else. There are also black edges along the bilateral part of your eyes, keeping you separated from the world you see, impairing your ability to immerse yourself fully in this new world. Thanks to eyeForce and its 210-degree field-of-view, all of that is about to change. The problem is about to disappear.

Why improve the field-of-view?

First, this will enhance your immersion capability exponentially, enhancing your experience along the way. With other VR headsets, you feel like you can see the world through the holes, the same way that you see the world with your hands around your eyes. With eyeForce, you are thrown into the scene, your eyes taking in the breadth of the landscape. You are free and without limitations.

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