You absolutely need to pre-order PlayStation VR – here’s five reasons why, by Brett Phipps

OPINION Games Editor, Brett Phipps, is convinced PlayStation VR is a hit in the making. Read why.

When the Oculus Rift arrived in the TrustedReviews offices I could barely contain my excitement. Having enveloped myself in all the hype surrounding virtual reality, I couldn’t wait to see what was truly possible once you donned the headset.

My first experience in VR was, I imagine, like many of yours: whimsical. You look around whichever world you’re in with that goofy expression, amazed by the idea that you can lean, turn, move and the environment reacts.

Eventually I got to take the Rift home, and I played everything. From EVE: Valkyrie to Project Cars to Henry, I wanted to try them all. However, as the weeks went by, the amount of time I spent in the Rift grew shorter and shorter.

Setting up the headset proved a pain. My living situation meant that after each used I had to tidy up all the cables and pack away everything as there’s simply no space to house the headset, so when the thought of unboxing and setting up the Rift for a 20-minute race in Project Cars pops up, I realised that setting it up simply isn’t worth it.

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